About us

CWarn is a non-commercial, private organisation whose specific purpose is to help mankind through the timeous alerting of tsunami threats.

The CWarn tsunami early warning system is empowering populations to increase their chance of survival from these natural disasters.

In the event of a tsunami the best option you have is 'early warning'. Even if you are sleeping at the time, you need to be woken up and warned of the possible threat facing you and your family.

The CWarn system achieves this by alerting you directly on your mobile phone. As long as you are within GSM mobile coverage, you will receive the CWarn alert.

The CWarn organisation is based in Brisbane, Queensland Australia and is registered as an Australian company - CWarn Pty Ltd (ABN 50125735480).

Postal address: P.O. Box 8081, Cleveland. QLD 4163 Australia

Email: info@cwarn.org

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CWarn acknowledges the great work and thanks the government agencies worldwide for what they are doing towards tsunami early warning systems.

In particular CWarn acknowledges the following agencies on whose information we and the world at large rely on:

Joint Research Center of the European Commission
United States Geological Survey - USGS
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - NOAA
Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre - NOAA
West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Centre - NOAA
Joint Australian Tsunami Warning Centre
Japan Meteorological Agency